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We believe each athlete has the "power" to obtain new tumbling skills, build character, and Inspire Greatness.

Watch as your athlete masters good technique as they progress through skills while enjoying the sport of tumbling.

**Class listings and pricing are only available on the desktop view.

**Tuition shown is monthly tuition! Contact us to learn about trials classes and discounts.

Beginner Tumbling Classes

This class will teach the basics of tumbling skills and techniques. Your child will gain strength and skill as we take them “paw by paw” through each of the beginner's tumbling progressions.

No experience needed. Skills worked include rolls, cartwheels, handstands, bridges, and kick-overs!

Paw by Paw

Intermediate Tumbling Classes

This class will teach more challenging skills, while still reinforcing the basics and good techniques. These athletes will gain strength and skill as we teach they "pounce" through these skills.

Skills worked include the basics: walkovers, handsprings, and aerials.

Pouncing Paws

Is your athlete working on higher level (power) tumbling skills? Have them join us for private lessons or an advanced open gym. Athletes in the advanced open gym are 10 years of age and older or are working on tucks, layouts, twisting skills, and other airborne skills. Walk-ins welcome!

Advanced Tumbling
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