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 A celebration customized to your

child's interests!

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We party like animals!

At Allegiance Athletics, we customize each party to be perfect for each child! Within an action packed hour and a half the party guests participate in an age appropriate obstacle course, activities, games, and open gym! 


Relax and enjoy! We do it all.

We believe adults should enjoy the celebration too! Allow us to get everything done. From set up to activities to clean up, every party runs smoothly with our expert staff members! With the additional "we do it all package" our staff will get all of the decorations, food, and cake for you. 

Base Party 



We do it all


Up to 14 

Up to 19 

Up to 24 

Up to 30 

Number of participants









Numbers are placed in their respective orders.

Party Packages

Want to celebrate with us?

Parties are available on Saturdays after 1:45PM and select times and dates on Sundays!

Please contact us for more information on having your celebration with us.

Thanks for reaching out! We'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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